Dream BG2.jpg


Short Film - 10 mins

A young boy moves to a new neighbourhood and discovers his passion for go-karting.

Directed by Myles Conti, Produced by Karl Conti, Story by Tam Morris, Andrew Georgiou and Myles Conti, DOP Dan Freene ACS, Edited by Lucas Bradley & Myles Conti, Sound Design Evan Buist, 5.1 Mix Matt Perrott, Presented by Hyundai.

Dreamweaver received official selection to screen at "Flickerfest International Short Film Festival", “LA Shorts International Film Festival”, "Dublin International Film Festival", "Manchester Film Festival", "Bermuda International Film Festival", was an award winner at "Headline International Film Festival" and won Best Director and Best Producer at "Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival".

Marry Me BG1.jpg


Short Film - 7 mins

The story of a little girl who likes a little boy, and a little boy who likes his bike.

'Marry Me' was the winner of Tropfest Film Festival 2008, it also won Best Actress and has over 2.1 million views on YouTube.

Written & Directed by Michelle Lehman, Produced by Karl Conti, DOP Dan Freene ACS, Edited by Myles Conti, Music by Kris Macken.

Stockholm BG1.jpg


Short Film - 9 mins

Two men share coffee in a hotel room, each trying to ignore the disturbing truth behind their meeting.

Directed by Myles Conti, Written by Jason Crewes, Produced by Karl Conti, Featuring Laurence Coy & Martin Crewes. DOP Dan Freene ACS, Production Designer Katren Wood, Edited by Myles Conti, Music by Kris Macken, Sound Design by Evan Buist, VFX by Ben Allen, 5.1 Mix by Greg Crittenden, Colourist Tristan La Fontaine.